Dining Room Makeover!

This dining room was one the main reason we bought this house. I was in love with the all the windows, bay window and the gorgeous french doors. A bonus was none of the trim or doors were painted over. They still had the original stain. 

This room was a fairly easy makeover for me. I didn't need to buy any furniture. The table my dad had bought me a few years back as a Christmas present. My parents when I was a kid, had a wood furniture business. The black pieces were done by them and they fit perfectly in the area. All the wall decor I have,is from our old house dining room. I will post where you can find those pieces at below. 

The only major overhaul in this room was painting the walls and updating the light fixture. It seems to be a theme in our new house. Every room needing paint and a new light fixture.

We found our light fixture at Lowe's and this one we did splurge on. I'm absolutely in love with the birch rustic look of the light fixture. Lowe's actually has a Birch Light Collection by Litex. This one was $150.00, but I think so worth it! For the light bulbs, we have been doing GE edison light bulbs throughout the house. I can't get enough of this look! Now they are a little bit more in price,but if you can splurge for them, it is so worth it! 

We continued the paint color we have been using throughout the house into this room. It is called Gravity by Valspar. Again, if you are taking on a project of making over a whole house. I highly suggest getting the 5 gallon bucket! We were able to paint 7 fairly decent size rooms and a hallway/down the steps with the 5 gallon bucket. A little disclaimer to that though, the seller of our house had painted everything white, so we were able to get away with one coat on the walls. 

Our chocolate lab loves to sit in the bay window and people watch! A friend suggested getting an order seat cushion for it. No need to tell me twice to go shopping for something for the house! So I drove my happy ass over to At Home and found this cushion for our puppers. He absolutely loves it! We find him all the time sleeping in the window. 

The only other project I did in this room was make the shutters. This cost me less than $10.00. I already had the white paint. I bought the wooden shutters from ReSource York. The cotton pick and the burlap ribbon is from the Dollar Tree.

Where to find the decor:

The window picture holder ~ Kohls

Heaven Side ~ PalletCrafts York,PA

"S" sign ~ Hobby Lobby

The date and establish sign ~ Dusty Star Primitives by the Taylor Family York,PA

Throw Blanket ~ Rusty Ole Primitives New Oxford, PA

Rae Dunn Inspire Blocks ~ cut pieces of wood, paint them white and then write on them with a black sharpie. Sometimes at Lowe's and Home Depot, you can convince their workers to give you the scraps. 

Now there is a few things like the blue tins, I had scored at a place going out of business. A local primitive craft store should carry them though!

Throw Blanket ~ Rusty Ole Primitives New Oxford, PA

Tobacco Lath Ladder ~Becky and Ken's Columbia, PA

Baby Breath Wreaths in the windows ~ Amazon

Plaid Buffalo runner- Amazon

After looking at the pictures and figuring out where some of the table and shelf decorations came from, I realize they mostly come from Rusty Ole Primitives. They have a cute little store in New Oxford, PA. They do have a Facebook page and you need to go follow it. Every Monday they do a live on their facebook page and they even ship! Now Meg will let you know if an item is able to ship or not. 

Also another tip...if you have Facebook, join the Humble Warrior group. I was able to score my amazon finds for a deal thanks to this group!



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