Dinos and Hot Wheels Succulents

Everyone keeps asking me how I made the Airplant Succulents(I had to google that. To me, they're just those plant things, but I wanted to sound fancy) for the boys room. You could honestly do this for any type of theme and trust me, the Dollar Tree has tons of mini figurines to be able to match just about any theme. 

Now I won't lie, I tend to go to the bigger Dollar Trees to find what I am looking for.  Yes I know, SHOCKER!!! I really can pull myself away from Amazon and shop elsewhere!


The supplies you will need at Dollar Tree:


plastic globes or whatever the fancy word is for it. 

Hot Wheels

Fake succulents

Hobby Lobby:

Spray Paint (Krylon Short Cuts)

Rocks...buy an extra bag! Because you never know when someone slimy little hands are going to come wondering along and steal the rocks for his Army guys. Mind you, our entire backyard is nothing but rocks!!! The previous owners removed the grass and put a stone composite down. So instead of Rock City  Rock Rock Rocky City. It is Rock Heaven Rock Rock Rock Heaven for Corby's world!

I got a small can of spray paint from Lobby of the Hobby. Yes, that's how it is referred to in our house and my husband tries to tell me constantly it is infested with sharks. I will live dangerously sir and take my chances! Anywho, the can is only $3.99  and the color I used for the dinosaurs is silver. 

Time to assemble them!

So throw everything into a bag and shake it really good! Then your done. See, super easy! ha ha I'm just kidding! If you would like to be pinterest worthy, you can gracefully place glue around the perimeters and the middle. Then beautifully lay them out. Then in a figure eight motion place hot glue on the bottom the succulent and place down gently onto the stones. Then carefully place your dinosaur or hot wheel or whatever you bought, to the side of the plant. OOOOORRR you could live dangerously like me! I just plopped the stones down without glue. Hot glued that succulent down and placed the dinosaur however I was able to managed to get my sausage fingers into the container.


Not sure how the pro bloggers wrap-up their blogs, but my way is peace out Hookers!


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