How to update those kitchen cabinets on a budget!

I've had people say, can you do a DIY project on a budget for me to see ideas. So you asked and I answered people! This in total cost me $29.94!! That fits into anyone budget and I promise it will give your kitchen a completely different look! When my mother in law saw it, she was acting like a little school girl. She was all giddy and gave me a high five! I like shocking my mother in law once in awhile with my skills!! 

Below is a list of supplies my favorite little blue van dropped off to me! I'm sure on facebook there is an anonymous group my bestie started and the members are all  secretly planning an intervention. Well, let me just tell you Christine, it won't work!!!!

Supplies needed:

~Rust-Oleum  Metallic Paint and Primer in One (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

~ MulYeeh 17." x 236" Peel and Stick Wallpaper...they have several options. Choose whatever best suits your style!

~ElaDeco Faux Boxwood Wreath 16" (they do have a 11" one if 16" is too big for the side of your cabinet)

Knobs and pulls:

Start with simply wiping these down and letting them air dry. After that you can take your pulls/knobs outside or to a garage to paint them. Make sure it is a cool day when you do this. They tend to dry better! Me personally, I sprayed one side and walked away from them for 2.5 hours. I made sure they were really dry before I flipped them over to do the other side. 

*A little note about spray painting. Try to do multiple layers and also do a back and forth motion. This helps to ensure there will be no runs. 


Now don't freak out over the wallpaper word! Seriously this is not like the golden days. This is a peel and stick wallpaper! Make sure your surface is clean and dry before applying it to your cabinets. They way you run your pattern is completely up to you. You can do vertical or horizontal. It is your house, do whatever the hell you want. Someone doesn't like it, tell them to go kick rocks!


Just a warning, your wreath will have an awesome plastic smell to it. So as soon as I get it, I let the wreath air out for a little! That is completely up to you though. You can either do a command strip here or a nail. Now if you do a nail, remember it shouldn't be too long. After you nail it in, make sure it didn't go through the cabinet. I went with a shorter nail so I did not have to worry about that. 


Even if you don't have the option to do the wallpaper and the wreath like I do. Still just spray paint your knobs. That can of spray paint and I only needed one with 28 pulls/knobs cost me less than $6.00!


Enjoy and please share with me your pictures if you do this!! Happy remodeling!


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