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I have had several of you all ask if I could post up somewhere my interview with Gladys. So here it is for you! 


Known For: Nikkay Fashions Jewelry is known for making one of a kind pieces. Nikke creates pieces that you want to wear more than once. 

Inspired By: What really inspires Nikke is the beads or the pendant she finds at a bead show. She allows that piece or beads to inspire what she will create out of that piece. Sometimes she can visit 3 to 4 booths before she finally decides on the right beads to go with a pendant. 

What is your mission statement at Nikkay Fashions Jewelry? Nikkay Fashions Jewelry is based on the belief that your best accessory in life is a high-quality piece of jewelry.

What do you consider your signature? I wouldn’t say have one single piece that is my signature piece. However, I would say my earrings overall would be my signature thing. I make more earrings then anything.

Do you have a favorite piece?
 Every time I feel like I have a favorite piece, I create another piece that tops that one. Good thing that I have self-control or otherwise you all would never be able to own one of the pieces. 

Three Words to Describe your jewelry? 
Fashionable, detailed, and gorgeous  

Since this is our Fashion & Couture Issue, share with us which piece you would recommend to compliment a Glam Fashion
 People think that you need to have earrings, necklace and bracelets on for that look. I always tell people you can’t go wrong with a killer pair of earrings. The pair of earrings I would recommend are my amazonite earrings. They have great length and are light weight. Plus, the color will just make them pop.


Who empowers you? I have this amazing tribe that empowers me. People say to keep your tribe small. However, I must disagree. I have this tribe that is made up really close friends to girls I met at Ms.Motorama who I have become close with. What is so unique is in each way they empower me in some different aspect of my life. They enrich my life with so much good and I continue to constantly grow because of them. They help to lift me up and they give me so much confidence. 

What positive affirmations do you say to yourself to start your day?
 There is a lot of them. The wall in front of my desk has several of them posted on the wall. So, when I am getting dressed in the morning. I read every single one of them to remind myself what my WHY is for the day.

Your favorite Inspiring Quote?
 Right now, my favorite inspiring quote is My goal is to be better than I was yesterday. To improve myself. To enrich my life. I am running my own race. I compete with no one, but myself. This is my journey! 

Business Goals for the future?
 To not be stopped! I want to grow that I become a household name. That people and boutiques make me their go to for their jewelry needs. 

Charitable organizations you are involved with?
 The main one I am involved with is Keystone Warriors. They are a 501 c 3 here in PA that help wounded and/or injured post 9/11 veterans. I also contribute my jewelry to auctions and for donations for other great causes constantly around my town. I will always try my hardest to constantly give back to others.


Your favorite “Life Moment”... I totally cannot pick just one. The three biggest life moments are marrying my best friend and giving birth to my boys! 

What are some words of advice you would give to other women who aspire to have a career like yours?
 The advice I would give to other women is to stop second guessing yourself and holding yourself back from your dreams. Stop worrying about what people may say. At the end of the day, their opinions don’t pay your bills, feed your family, and buy the things you need. Don’t let them shut you down!


Where can Gladys readers purchase your beautiful jewelry?
 Right now, you can purchase NFJ pieces online Stay tune as we will be opening to wholesale orders and start going into boutiques. If you own a boutique, please reach us to about carrying our line in your store!!

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Instagram: @nikkayfashionsjewelry

Twitter: @Nikkayfashions

Pintrest: Nikkayfashionjewelry

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