My Team

I get asked quite often how do I do it all by myself? Truth is, I have an amazing team behind the scenes.  A lot of people don't know,but I actually work as a paralegal overseeing estate administration for a small firm. So I have to have an A-TEAM or I wouldn't get things done like I do.

So my right hand person is my husband Chris. I rely heavily on him to ship out my orders. He also handles contracts, insurance, setting up my booths, paperwork etc. He even handles phone calls for me. He deals with frustration I have at times. Which usually turns into me going on a cleaning spree. He knows when I am upset and knows exactly what to say. He shakes his head at my ridiculous celebration dances. I couldn't ask for a better support system. I'm kinda obsessed with this guy! 

My kids! They deal with my craziness and go on roadtrips to bead shows.I have taken them to another state and they were troopers. They always tell me how much they love a piece I design. Jameson will sit there and tell me how I should design something. That just melts my heart when he does that. These boys are my world and everything I do is for them. And yeah I'm kinda obsessed with them too.

The next two people in my life I rely on for events. Chrissy and Nicole are amazing people and know my brand like the back of my hand. They are the ones that get the text messages when I am frustrated. Or when I design a piece I am unsure of , they give me their opinion. My goal when I get big is to hire these two on full-time. For now,  they donate their time because they believe in me! I also get anxiety at events. I have never been very good with talking in public. These two get me and help keep me calm. 

The next important person with my brand is my photographer, Mike. He gets me and the vision I have. I send him examples of what I am trying to achieve at a shoot,he goes out and nails it. At shoots I feel like I barely have to do a thing. I get so excited when he sends me images. Each shoot the images just top the last shoot and I don't know how he does it! He is one hell of a photographer. Oh and I can't leave out his dad Malcom and Sherri. They also show up on set and they are amazing! 

Then there is my models! I have a group that I love working with. I never have to coach them or tell them what to do. They  nail their outfits and their poses. They always are creating so many laughs on set. I love these girls to death and I'm so beyond thankful that they love working with me!

So that is about my team. I don't know where I would be without them. They all believe in me and my goals. They deal with my crazy ideas and shenanigans. And I know right about now Mike my photographer has gotten to this part and he is probably thinking that it's rude that I didn't say I'm kinda obsessed with his phtoography skills. So there,now you can't feel left out!


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