Rawr Means I love You in Dinosaur

Next up on the blog is our room for Corby! If you know our Corby, he is hugely obsessed with dino's. He probably believe he is a dinosaur. He tells us all the time when he grows up, he wants to be a Paleontologist! Dream big kid!

Now lets talk about the details of the makeover!!

Paint on the walls~ We decided in his room to do an accent wall and continue doing the Valspar color Gravity on the other walls. He insisted on a blue and a green. We ended up going with Royal Navy and Bright Parrot. Thanks to my awesome hubby for laying out the lines for me. Also my best friend and mom for helping to paint this kiddo room!

He originally wanted my sister in law to paint the actual foot prints onto the wall,but I was able to spare her hands! I found these decals on Amazon. He freaked out a little when we put them on the wall for him.

His wall decor comes from two main places. The light switch, roar sign, and the wooden dinosaurs are from Hobby Lobby. The sign above his desk and above his bed come from a local small business here in York, PA called Pallet Crafts. We have a ton of her work throughout our house and you seriously can't beat her prices!! We also scored at the local Goodwill, a globe that has where all the different dinosaurs were living.

The bed, curtains, and bedding all came from my favorite daily supplier. You know that cute little blue van (Amazon) that never judges me! Well they could possibly be, but they've never told me. Now my friends on the other hand, they judge me daily. 

We also upgraded his outdated white ceiling fan with a cool light from Amazon. It is the same light we used in the boys bathroom for the ceiling. You can find those details in the boys bathroom blog!

We also did a dollar tree craft for this room! Head on over to the rest of our blogs to read about that craft!!

Enjoy exploring our Dino room!

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