Summer Time Adventures

Every week or every two weeks I try to plan a day where I surprise my boys with an adventure day. They look forward to seeing where we are going and what they get to explore. The biggest key to my boys getting to do so many adventures, is I always look for either free or low cost adventures to do. My other key thing is I go during the week. This gives my boys a better experience with it not being so crowded. 

This past week our summer adventure was to That Fish Place in Lancaster,PA. Followed by a small tour at Wilbur Chocolate in Lititz,PA. Both places I am familiar with from when I was a kid. They were places I loved to visit. 

Our first stop was That Fish Place. You kids will love this place!! As we walked through the doors both Jameson and Corbin freaked out. Our first stop in the place was checking out the area that had ferrets, rabbits, turtles, snakes, iguanas etc.They also have pamphlets your kids can pickup to learn more about the different animals/reptiles that they have in that area. My kids enjoyed reading these during the drive to Wilbur Chocolate. The other spot in That Fish Place was a big cove area where you can pet stingrays. This was probably their favorite part. We finished up with looking at all the fish they had. The boys loved the fish that they had there. This place is a must visit,plus it's free!

Our second tour was Wilbur Chocolate in Lititz,PA. It's not so much a tour like it used to be when I was a kid. Now it is store where you can purchase chocolate, which is amazing! My boys were able to watch the workers through a glass window covering pretzels in chocolate. Filling molds with chocolate and then placing them in the freezer. They also have samples of the chocolate. Throughout the store they also have a few spots that tell about the history of the company. There was also an old machine on display. This is also free, however who is going to go to a chocolate store and not buy chocolate??? Jameson found chocolate lacrosse pieces. Corbin had to have a chocolate Army tank. Which I was shocked he passed up the chocolate dinosaur.

If you're local to Central PA,then you need to checkout these spots. Make a bucket list of tours with your kids and try to complete it each summer. Up next on the blog is Land of Little Horse's. Groupon had an amazing deal and it made for a great day out!

Travel often and make as many memories as you can!


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