The boys got an upgrade.....

You may or may not have seen,WE MOVED to my dream house. I swoon over old houses and this house is just that. It was built in the 1920's and it has the original hardwood floors. A girl could just die over that!

Over the past 3 weeks I have spent countless hours doing makeovers on the rooms. I'm pretty sure over the last 3 weeks I could own stock in Dollar Tree, Lowe's, and Amazon with all my spending! So our very first room is fully done! At our new house, the boys get their very own bathroom and they are over the moon about it. 

First up, those sterile white walls needed to go. We used Valspar one coat guarantee paint. I ended up getting a 5 gallon bucket and have pretty much used this for the entire house! The color that we went with is called Gravity and it's a beautiful color. For the trim we used the same brand and the color is Very Black. 

I don't know about you, but I'm slightly obsessed with these wire caged lights and I had to do them for the boys room. These were bought off of Amazon and for a very reasonable price too. I didn't even break the bank on these! The ceiling light one is called ZOOSSI Cage Light Fixtures Black. The sconces are called KingSo Rustic Wall Sconces and yes they come as a 2 pack!!! SCORE!!! Especially since I only paid $25.00 for them. 

I know you are probably dying over the signs in the bathroom. If you're a boy mom, well we all can relate to this then! The signs behind the white dazzling throne came from, you guessed it, Amazon! (P.s. I'm an Amazon whore and my friends constantly tag me in memes on Facebook. Don't have hooker friends like I do and they won't call you out on your addiction) The frames are from the Dollar Tree. I just grabbed 4 frames that were similar. I didn't worry about the color, because I knew I was going to spray paint them! I sprayed painted them with Rust-Oleum Metallic Carbon Mist. 

The sign the Toilet doesn't flush itself came from a cute store in New Oxford, PA called Cora's County Cupboard. The other three signs came from a cute shop on Etsy called SawmillCreations. Then the figurines are all from the dollar tree. I spray painted them black(Rust-Oleum). Do I think it will stay cutely decorated?? Hell no! I fully expect them to be moved constantly!

And lastly the shower curtain and mat is from my addiction supplier! You know that little blue van who always shows up on point and never judges, unlike my friends!

Stay tune for the next room that is completed! Until then, Chris will be making his happy way around York and answering my honey to do list. If you see him out and about, be cautious when you approach him. He could be in a state of hangry!




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