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Jameson room is finally done! For his bedroom at our new house, he really wanted a car room. This kid is a motorhead and all my bad decisions from when I was 16 until I was 23 are all starting to flash before me. I drove my parents nuts with all the car parts constantly coming to the house and my lovely speeding tickets. I think I'm just going to buy him a Geo Metro for when he turns 16. 

Alright, enough about that and more about Jamo room! We were able to score a few cute things at a store in New Oxford, PA called Cora's Country Cupboard. They had the plug in license plate lights and the faux tailgate. I dragged Jamo with his Aunt Tissy and I to go checkout a few craft stores. He wasn't thrilled to say the least until he saw these items. Now anytime I say I'm headed there, he wants to come along. I'm going to need him to find a job and pay for his own decor!!

My hubby found a guy in a Buick forum on Facebook who was selling pages from a magazine. We thought it would be cool to frame those and hang them all over his wall.

*A little tip* How to save money on pictures frames: DOLLAR TREE!! Even if they aren't the right color, just buy them and buy a can of Rust Oleum. I have done this with so many frames in the house. 

Another cool find was the DolanPaperCo Art Prints. Now it was a Facebook sponsored ad, so I had no clue if they were legit or not. If figured at the price they were selling it at, it wouldn't hurt to take a gamble. They really truly are a US Company and will ship from here in the states. We purchased a 11 x 14. Now the Dollar Tree does not have this size for frames. So I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for a picture frame. I sent my hubby on a mission to Community Aid in York. He scored a brand new frame still in packaging for $3.95. The artwork we purchased was a Bugatti Divo.  My son is obsessed with Bugatti's and for the longest time he kept telling us he was getting one when he turned 16. So for now, he will just have to accept this artwork. 

The stop sign and the old pickup trucks picture is from Lobby of the Hobby. It is what we call it in my house thanks to my hubby. The day I went, I lucked out. It was not infested with sharks as my husband constantly claims so I don't go shopping!!! Oddly enough Bluestone Firearms never seems to be infested with sharks. I'm onto you Christopher!

We did update his bedroom light also. I ended up using the same ceiling light in the boys bathroom as I did for his room. The ceiling light is called ZOOSSI Cage Light Fixtures Black. These lights are super cheap on Amazon. They are only $19.88. You can't beat that, plus they look so cool!

Now onto the fun part....painting the walls!!

We took Jamo to Lowe's where we had him picked out 2 colors to go with the Valspar Gravity color we are using for the entire house. He picked out Very Black and Bright Red.

Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money on the Valspar Signature paint + primer. You will thank yourself later when you only have to do one coat! Now we had to do some touch ups. However, that's because our walls are textured. 

The lines.....now if you have OCD issues, you're just going to have to let it go! I am that way and I survived this project! My sister, my husband and I tackled this together. We all threw tape lines however we wanted and it came out really cool! My husband was the master behind laying out the color blocks. He made sure that no colors butted up against each other.

**TIP** Now if you have textured walls, you will notice some bleeding after you remove the painters tape. My little tip for you is to get a tiny paint brush and just touch it up with white paint afterwards. Jameson didn't mind it and didn't ask for us to touch it up. 


Have fun with this and just lay the tape however you feel like it! Happy painting!!




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